West Point Middle School partners to aid school affected by Hurricane Florence


Students from West Point and Dinwiddie middle schools are coming together to help a North Carolina middle school that has been effected by Hurricane Florence.

The two schools are partnering to aid Jones County Middle School in Jones County, N.C., which was flooded by the hurricane and has been closed since mid-September, according to a news release from West Point Middle School.

The middle schools will be collecting funds to support the school and residents, according to the release.

Both schools began collecting items Monday.

West Point Middle principal Jeffrey Millner said it helps the students think on a global level.

“We are giving back to a community in need across the state,” Millner said. “We are generating momentum in which we can get our entire community involved. It’s good for us to connect with Dinwiddie because they are a small middle school as well.”

Millner said Dinwiddie principal Charles Moss has been wanting to partner on educational efforts and this was the perfect opportunity.

“He came to me with the idea after it was presented to him,” Millner said. “Then I brought it to my staff and we started putting things together.”

Millner said they have been in contact with Jones County Middle School and they are very appreciative.

“Collaborative efforts don’t have to be in your backyard and you can still connect and do great things for the community,” Millner said.

To donate, call West Point Middle School at 804-843-9810 or Dinwiddie at 804-852-4339, or visit both school’s pages on Twitter and Facebook and look for the hashtag #DinwiddieMeetsWestPoint.

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