Craft 31 offers creative, varied hamburgers

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There are plenty of restaurants that have one or two hamburgers on their menus. Craft 31’s menu features about a dozen different, creative variations on the classic sandwich.

So if you’re looking for a good hamburger with a tasty twist, Craft 31 is a great place to stop for a burger.

I settled on the Carolina, which featured chopped North Carolina barbecue, cheddar cheese and slaw on a glossy bun.

Craft 31 burgers are big, to the point that it might be worth cutting in half to divide and conquer the meal. Like other specialty burgers, the Carolina featured plenty of condiments and toppings. But the house beef patty — a blend of brisket, sirloin and short rib — remained the star of the show. The flavor of mustard and barbecue cut through the meaty foundation of the sandwich to create a memorable meal.

Craft 31’s hamburgers range from reliable standbys to more unusual fare. Among them is the Virginia, featuring a crab cake and smoked tomato tartar. There’s also the Wake and Bake, featuring a fried egg, and El Guapo, which comes with white cheese sauce and pico.

If you’re not happy with the offerings on the menu, the restaurant has a build-your-own burger option with numerous cheeses, sauces and toppings from which to choose. Which means that between the specialty burgers and a build-your-own burger option, there’s something for everyone, from the burger connoisseur looking for a new take on an old favorite to the indifferent burger-eater looking for something more than a hamburger.

Craft 31

Address: 3701 Strawberry Plains Road.

Price: The Carolina burger is $12.95.

Jack Jacobs, 757-298-6007,, @jajacobs_

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