Col. Lafayette Jones to talk about family, area history

Col. Lafayette Jones wants to share his family’s experiences with you.

Jones’ time in Williamsburg dates back to his great-great grandfather, George A. Jones, a sharecropper, who lived from 1870-1973. He will talk about his grandfather and the history of Williamsburg during his presentation at Freedom Park on Feb 10. Jones has been doing the presentation since 2008.

Key historical events including Bacon’s Rebellion, the Battle of Green Spring and Spencer’s Ordinary and the American Civil War will be part of Jones’s talk

Jones’s book “My Great, Great, Grandfather’s Journey to an Island of Freedom” is for sale at the Interpretive Center in Freedom Park and after the presentation, he will hold a book signing.

Want to go?

When: 3-4 p.m., Feb. 10

Where: Freedom Park, 5537 Centerville Road

Admission is free.

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