Commemorate one of the Revolutionary War's lesser known battles at Freedom Park

The Williamsburg Chapter of the Sons of the American Revolution will hold a wreath laying ceremony in remembrance of 237th anniversary of the Battle of Spencer’s Ordinary on June 26.

The series of skirmishes now known as the Battle of Spencer’s Ordinary occurred in 1781, and was fought in a forest now known as Freedom Park in James City County. Local residents are invited to attend the ceremony and commemorate between the battle between Lord Cornwallis and the Marquis de Lafayette.

After the memorial service, local historian Chris Bonin will walk attendees through the details of what happened that day through recorded accounts from troops on both sides of the battle.

Alister Perkinson, park operations coordinator at Freedom Park, says the local chapter of the Sons of the American Revolution has done their best to preserve this piece of local history. The event drew about 25 people last year, but Perkinson hopes more local residents will spring at the chance to learn about this obscure detail in Virginia’s history.

“It gives people a better insight as to what happened here and how it ties into the greater story of the Revolutionary War, and that’s what I think people find especially interesting,” said Perkinson. “It’s also just a little-known piece of history in an area that is full of history.”

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