Williamsburg's Addicted to Golf serves locals, visitors

Addicted to Golf is a business with more than 25 years of experience in the Historic Triangle, that serves both locals and visitors.

The business began in 1989 in Yorktown as International Golf Discount, the brainchild of Richard Schiele. A Virginia Beach store was added in the early 2000s and a Williamsburg store, at 3032 Richmond Road, opened in November 2014.

A point of pride for Addicted to Golf — which sells new and used golf clubs, equipment and clothing —  is that it only sells top name brands.

“That’s right, we don’t deal in composite clubs, which they sell you the pieces of and you put them together yourself,” said Ben Griebel, manager of the Williamsburg store. “If you see something on the PGA Tour, you can find it here. It’s top brands.”

Several quality golf courses – including the links at Colonial Williamsburg and at Kingsmill – around greater Williamsburg help attract golfers from near and far.

Griebel says the store has a good relation with most of the local courses.

“They have pro shops that sell some of the same equipment that we do, so some of them see us as competition,” he said. “But others see us as another resource. For example Kiln Creek in Newport News, they offer a limited number of products, so if someone wants something they don’t have, they send them right to us. Because they know we’ll have it.”

Griebel said he wants the Williamsburg Addicted to Golf to be the go-to store for visiting golfers.

“People who used to go to Myrtle Beach on golf trips, there was a huge store there called Martins, and everybody went there if they needed golf equipment because it was always there,” Griebel said. “That’s what I’d like to see for our Williamsburg store, that’s it’s the place to go for people who are in town on golf trips.”

In addition to selling clubs and other equipment, Griebel and his staff help customers find the clubs that fit them best. At the back of the Williamsburg store is a golfing simulator that let’s customers take test swings to see if they like the results.

On a recent afternoon, Griebel was discussing the virtues of variously angled irons with a customer at the simulator.

“Every one in our store is friendly to folks when they come in and can help them find what they need,” he said.

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